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CLOSET PURGE: This can be done in person or via zoom. Before you buy new things you need to purge what you dont want. Having a jam packed closet is never good especially if you dont wear half of it. Purges should be done 1-2 times per year.

BRANDING SHOOT STYLING: Your branding pictures are important. Me and my team will style to perfection so you can take pictures that flow with your website and social media platforms.

FAMILY PHOTO SHOOTS: Because you should not be wearing the same shirt in family pictures, I am here to assist. I will coordinate perfect family outfits and allow each person to show their personality.

EVENT STYLING: Do you have an upcoming wedding? Brunch? Speaking engagement? I will create a flawless for you look to show up and feel confident in.

VACATION STYLING: Avoid overpacking and know exactly what you will wear the entire vacation.

CORPORATE STYLING: It's been two years since you have been in the office. Things have changed, and I will curate an effortless 9-5 wardrobe. Me and my team specialize in creating looks to be worn in the office and taken into happy hour.

RETAINER STYLING: So, you need a stylist on a regular basis? That's the best way to do it. I offer monthly retainer packages for people who are busy or want to consistently have outfits ready. This service includes building a virtual closet where I guarantee you have outfits set for every occasion. Retainer clients have unlimited text and email access.

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