September 25, 2019


Let me start this blog by being very honest.  I hate the term "WAG".  It makes me cringe actually.  However, as much as I hate the term "WAG", I have to admit, that basketball is a big part of my life, and has been for over a decade.  We are in season 14 right now!  Crazy.  Back to the term, I hate it, but its part of my life because I have met, traveled, bonded, and worked with some of the most amazing (here it goes), "WAGS".  Seriously, some of my best clients have been through this "WAG" world of networking.  September is typically a busy month for most "WAG's", with packing, moving, preparing for the season, and of course getting their game day style ready.  Last week I had several people reach out to me for game day looks, and I feel so flattered.  For some, its really the only time they get "dressed up", so of course I'm excited to be part of that moment for them.  This week I plan to post and share some the "WAG"s I style and have worked with over the last year.  


I reached out to Brittany White, because I thought it would be cool to give her view on what it has been like working with a stylist for important moments in her life.  One thing I love about Brittany is that, she loves to mix highs and lows.  She proudly shops Zara, Asos, and other stylish places that don't always cost a small fortune.  It allows her to be stylish, but also spend on things that she really values, and as her stylist I totally respect that.  


     "Working closely with Kiarra for the last year has been very educational and a huge bonus for me. As a mom who’s always working and creating I thought I was to busy to really focus on being stylish. So I just let it go and continued on everyday in my workout clothes. Until one magical day me and Kiarra found each other and all my closet dreams had been answered. 

Kiara has truly helped me find my style again by getting to know me on a personal and professional level.

During our first few consults she asked me questions about my morals, background, lifestyle, hobbies, career, and what my favorite current brands were. 
She was able to read my style like a book! 
And from there it was history and we just make magic together! 

She’s taught me how to navigate through clothing websites, she’s taught me what materials to look for, how to prep for my wedding, how to subtly incorporate color, and so much more. Believe it or not having clothes in your closet that you actually like and that makes you feel good about yourself is extremely important and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 
One of my biggest requests from Kiarra is that every single item is reasonable in price. We actually share the same love for brands like Zara, Forever 21, and H&M so it’s easy for us to work together. One thing that’s truly important to me and my family is finances and future. Our motto is only spend money on the things that truly matter. By spending money on things that truly matter your able to invest more and really maximize your future. 


I truly appreciate Kiarra for her true dedication to me and making women feel good and look good. It’s important for women to help other women. That’s what life is all about sewing into others and that’s just what she did for me."  



Check me out on Instagram this week as I post some of my favorite #WAG looks.  I will also update this blog post with more pictures at the end of the week!











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