April 9, 2019

Last week on my Insta story I did a poll asking what topics people would like to see.  I had several people ask me to do a piece on spring bags.  I always get questions about bags; how much to spend, where to start, best styles, etc.  I could talk about handbags all day.  I love them.  But the truth is, bags are personal.  They truly have to fit your needs, budget, and personal style.  Below are some of my tips to help you "Buy the Bag".


1. Set a Budget.

This is absolutely the first step.  By setting your budget first, it helps you narrow down the selection right away. 


2.  Pick a style.  

Do you want a tote? Mini bag? Crossbody? Bucket Bag?  If you're investing in a bag, it needs to be one that suits your needs so you will get the most wears out of it.  For a mom, maybe a tote is best.  If you're investing in a bag for going out and date nights, then certainly something smaller.


3. Classic or Trendy.

This is a hard one.  Every season the fashion companies have their trendy pieces that make statements.  These bags are often beautiful and the "IT" bag of the moment, but not always the most practical.  Classic bags, are there season after season, however they can get "old".  If you are a first time designer bag buyer, its best to go with a classic style.  Make sure the bag is leather and not something that will be hard to clean.  If you have classic pieces already, I think that its okay to add a trendy piece if you love it.


4. Check Consignment Shops.

Just like people buy pre-owned vehicles, you could always buy a pre-owned bag.  There are many good consignment shops out there that have designer bags for much less than retail.  However, always make sure to do your research.  I only use verified consignment shops.  There are too many fakes floating around to just trust a random store off of Instagram.  


Hopefully these tips can help you make a good choice when you "Buy the Bag".  If you're not ready to invest in a designer bag just yet, thats okay too!  Let me say that I have helped several clients lately build their bag and clutch collection without using any designer pieces.  Check my Instagram all week for bag inspo, and let me know what you think.  Below are some trendy bags for this season, in neon of course, and a few classics.  













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