February 6, 2019



I always begin my styling services with a consultation. During the consultation I always ask my clients if they are open to trying something new.  In my mind, while they take a second to think, I'm secretly praying they say YES!  Trying new things is really the best way to elevate your style.  As great as I am at getting clients to try new things, this doesn't really apply to myself.  


If you've been following me for a while you probably know my dislike for anything leopard.  I refused to buy anything leopard print, and so far have only styled one person in a leopard skirt.  One of the reasons I couldn't stand leopard is because for some reason people always style it with the color red.  Leopard skirt, red shoes.  Leopard pants, red coat.  I'm not sure who made this the go-to combo for all things leopard, but it nauseated me.  While shopping for a client, I got distracted by a leopard print dress.  I saw it, and thought to myself, "hmm this could be cute".  I was also conflicted in the same moment because I truly hated leopard.  Then I had to remember what I always tell clients.  I needed to follow my own advice.  I took a deep breath and clicked "add to cart".  


When the dress arrived, I thought YUCK, right away, but then I got it on and loved the way it fit.  I guess thats the perk of being a stylist right?  Knowing exactly what to add to make the dress a "LOOK".  I added one my favorite belts, heels, and ruffle socks.  It was a complete MOOD.  I love the dress and love how girly it made me feel.  Do I think I will be a leopard print regular from now on? NOT AT ALL. However, I am so glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something new.   






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