January 24, 2019


When I think about the places I shop most there is one that takes first place with ease; Target.  Target is a staple in my life for many things I need, and of course things I don't need.  Somehow Target has mastered getting people in the door and convincing them to roam for no reason at all.  I am beyond guilty of this.  I go into Target for one thing and leave with everything besides what I actually went in there for.  It's crazy!  I know this sounds bad, but as bad as it sounds I know I'm not alone.  


I am always buying my kids clothes at Target.  I usually can't make a trip in without passing by their kids section.  However, for many years I've also found myself pieces at Target.  For me, Target isn't a discount store.  I think their quality is great, and lets be honest, its not cheap!  Over the years Target has collaborated with some of my favorite designers and I've loved some of the collections.  In the last few years I haven't seen much from them that caught my eye until the launch of the Joy Lab, workout clothing, and Wild Fable, their young adult brand.  Now, I know I'm not a young adult, and some of the pieces are certainly not for my age, but there are some things that catch my eye.  I have purchased Joy Lab several times and love the workout clothes.  Sometimes when I'm in a hurry for an outfit and can't get to the mall, I will stop in Target and take a look.  I love to mix high and low pieces, and I love when people say something looks expensive when it actually wasn't.  Basically there is no shame in my Target loving game.  


I put together this look from Target.  I got the shirt on clearance for 4.99 and cut the neckline to make a little more flirty.  I paid 6.98 for the lace bralette and wear it all the time.  The velvet flare pants were 16.99 and actually by their Art Class line.  It is for kids, but I was able to wear the size large.  My belt was 14.99 and has been worn with numerous other outfits.  I asked my husband to take my picture for this look, and he was amazed.  He couldn't believe all of the Target pieces I got, until he said "Wow those shoes are fly from Target".  Well, they are actually Stella McCartney, but it made me laugh.  My leather jacket is a closet staple from Rag & Bone.  









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