August 27, 2018


I decided to switch things up for this blog post. Since I've started Kiarra Looks I feel like I have given glimpses into my personal style. I will always show my personal style, because it's part of who I am; this time I felt like I wanted to showcase the style of someone new.  


Meet Tara. Tara Cromer Richtell is the co-founder of Chromer Collection. Chromer Collection is a sexy, fun, and stylish collection by the Cromer sisters. I've known Tara for many years, and her style never disappoints.  


How did you get your start in the fashion industry?


I think I've always been interested in the fashion industry  in one way or another. My great grandmother sewed and was super stylish, my grandmother wouldn't let you take out the trash if you didn't look your best, I have an aunt that designs and sews and is working on her own line, and my mom is a "glamazon", so fashion is kind of something that I think i got honest. I remember being like 8 and sketching out designs and then middle school into high school I had a notebook where I would sketch out my future prom dresses so it's always been there. It wasn't until after I had my first child that I decided that fashion could be a career. Before it was more of a hobby. So I enrolled in the Art Institute for fashion merchandising and fell  in love with styling. Started doing freelance styling work and that was kind of my kickstart. 


How would you describe your personal style?


You know, I always have a hard time answering this question. I guess maybe a little on the sexy glam side. I definitely don't feel as dressed up if I'm not wearing a sexy heel.


Which season is your favorite for fashion?


Fall. Definitely the fall. Which is funny because I live in the tropics and there is no fall, but I've always loved coats and boots.


Do you think a stylist can help everyday people?


I think a stylist can definitely help everyday people. Especially in teaching people how to shop and get the most for their money. Some people simply don't have the time or the patience to shop so I think people like that could also benefit from hiring a stylist as well.


Tell us about Chromer Collection! How did you and your sisters decide to go for the line together?


Chromer Collection is a clothing brand that I co-founded with my 2 sisters. I literally got up one day fed up with the current state of the fashion industry, in that theres very little diversity when it comes to black women in fashion,  I then had a conversation with my sisters and we hit the ground running. 


Do you think Chromer is mainly influenced by your personal style?


is definitely influenced by all 3 of our personal styles. Brittany has a vintage laid back vibe, Trajana has always been into really girly things and I think I definitely bring the sexiness to the line. The 3 of us are super close so i think it just came natural to marry our personal styles together to create our designs. 


If you could only shop at one store for the rest of  your life where would it be?  


Oh thats easy, Zara. Zara makes up probably 85% of my wardrobe and probably 90% of my kids wardrobe lol. So that would be an easy store to commit to because I could get everything I need at a price point that doesn't hurt my pockets. 




You can follow Tara on Instagram @tararichtell to see more of her personal style.  Shop and buy Chromer Collection on Instagram, @chromercollection.



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