July 18, 2018

We booked our family vacation in January, and believe me when I say that I started counting down the days right away.  Although I was super excited to return to one of our favorite resorts, it was our first time taking the kids on this type of trip.  We travel all the time with the kids, but during the summer we focus more on trips for just the two of us.  But the trip was booked, so no turning back.  


I decided to make the most of our trip and get some good family pictures, that meant the sometimes dreaded "Matching Family Outfit".  I know what you may be thinking, but its so hard to resist.  I really think that family vacations are one of the few times its okay to coordinate looks.  My family and I each have our own style, yes even my kids have their own style, but I wanted to pull them together for this trip. My husband and son are hard to catch for pictures.  One is always over the pictures before they start, and the other is running around like Dash from Incredibles. Luckily I have my daughter who is always up for a bribe to flash her sweet smile.  


When I'm on summer vacations I like to do prints, patterns, bright colors; basically anything I can't wear at home or during the winter.  Where I'm from winter can be long, so vacations are my time to change and live my summer style dreams.  I make sure to plan ahead especially since I'm packing and coordinating 4 people.  I try things on too.  This is a huge help.  If you pack by just grabbing things from the closet then you may have packed something you didn't need. Waste of space, time, and you're on vacation not finding what you need.  I also suggest packing more options of outfits and swimwear than needed.  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, and let me tell you that my day-1 stomach and day-3 stomach are not the same.  Planning ahead helps to eliminate a lot of stress and make the most of the perfect vacation backdrops.  I hope you enjoy some of my looks.  Have any questions about my looks or where something is from?  Email me and lets chat about that style consultation.



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