May 21, 2018


I was recently talking to a client about what she had in her closet. I wanted to use some pieces for a look from her current closet, however, the client quickly said, “No, I’ve already worn that.” In that moment, I knew what I would discuss in my next blog entry. I explained to her that the stigma of “I’ve already worn this and posted a picture” has to stop.  If you purchase an item, that means you liked it, right? So why purchase something with the intent on only wearing it once? So you posted a picture of yourself in an outfit to your Facebook and Instagram? Big deal! I want you to know that there are several ways KLL can help you “remix” a look so that it doesn’t feel or look the same.


As I was talking to my client and trying to explain how we are going to use pieces from her current closet, I realized I had to put this plan into action. Last week was a busy week for my social life. Very rare, I assure you, but I celebrated a friend’s birthday, went to the Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour, and attended my best friend’s baby shower. I told myself I would wear at least one key piece all weekend. The first day, I wore this jacket with a T-shirt, matching shorts, and heels. Piecing together that look was easy. Day one, down. 


On day two, I was a bit unsure of what I wanted to wear to the comedy show, but I knew my look would include this jacket. I did not want to buy anything new, so I went shopping in my husband’s closet. I found a really cool T-shirt (I wonder if he’s reading this and will notice I’m wearing his shirt) that I wanted to pair with a dress I bought last year and had only worn once. I love this dress, so I was beyond excited to wear it again. I put the T-shirt over the dress and tied it to the side to give the dress the appearance of a skirt. I decided to go really heavy on the jewelry, but keep it comfy in sneakers, and I threw on this jacket. With the mixing prints and blinged out skirt, I was amazed at how well this look turned out. I was especially happy that I spent zero dollars on this new look. 


By day three, my jacket and I had become one. I was determined. So, on day three, I utilized pieces from my closet that I’ve been seen in before. Honestly, I was so unbothered by people seeing me in this jacket, back to back, because it felt new every time. 


If you have something you love, don’t let it sit! Wear it, rock it, post it, remix it, and repeat! And don’t be surprised if you see me in this jacket all summer long.





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