April 17, 2018

Recently, I shared a "Look for Less" that I created from Forever 21. I received several messages from people in disbelief that the majority of my pieces were from Forever 21. 


I like to be transparent with people, especially regarding fashion, and the truth is - not everything I wear is designer.  I'll admit, I love high-end fashion, but luxury pieces are not the only items in my closet. I like to shop at a variety of places so that I do not feel or look as if I'm stuck in a box. The beauty of an outfit is not about how much something cost or who made it, but more about how an outfit is put together. Some people could see a shirt and think "what would I do with this", and immediately walk past it because they don't know how to style it. That's where Kiarra Logan Looks is able to assist. I happily welcome the nay-sayers and turn them into believers.


Goal: Create a "Fly Friday Fit For Fifty." 


For this challenge, my client and I decided to stick to Forever 21, a store conducive to our "Fit for Fifty" budget. Most people over 30 feel anxiety when going into a store like Forever 21 (because the atmosphere is typically chaotic), but we made sure to go when it wasn't busy because spending 50 dollars was anxiety enough, at least my client thought so. I told her we would split up, browse the store, and pick up items we liked. We went our separate ways, and I immediately found a shirt I knew would set a "vibe" for the entire look. No matter what other pieces I found, the shirt was here to stay. Many times, that is how I start putting outfits together. - one key piece, and go from there.  

Typically, my client wears bodycon dresses and jeans & bodysuit combinations, but we wanted to change up her style and get her in something different. Although Kiarra Logan Looks always wants the client to feel comfortable, we also like to shake up their style and add something new to the collection. KLL prides itself on its client-based services, and I love making sure each person feels at their very best. So, instead, I found a super cute, high-waist, ankle-length pant. The stripes on the pants complimented this "vibe" shirt that I would not let go. The shirt was not her size, but I explained that there are ways to make a oversized shirt edgy for a night out. Once I knotted the shirt in the back, she was sold. While looking at the price tags, I knew we still had some room in our budget. I thought about accessories, but she is very minimalistic when it comes to accessories, and I don't like buying things knowing a client would only use it once. I went back out into the store and found a mini bag.  It was so little, cute, and perfect for a night out. Wearing the bag, cross body style, allowed it to serve as a necklace, in a sense, which was awesome. My client received so many compliments, and she was so happy I got her out of her comfort zone and for fifty dollars! (Note: She already owned the shoes.)

Challenge: I want to give everyone one week to find a "Fly Fifty Fit" (excluding shoes). I will post the entries on my page, and the winner will receive a free consultation from Kiarra Logan Looks. I will leave the winner up to the followers, and we will see who takes home the most votes. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! 

DM all photos to @kiarralooks, including a photo of the receipt.






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