April 10, 2018

A question many people ask me is where are you going all dressed up? 


“I’m just dressed for LIFE,” I always say, laughing as I say it, but it’s true!


Getting “dressed up” (I use the term loosely because I don’t feel dressed up), makes me feel happy and confident. Fashion is an outlet, a way to express myself. Whenever my husband has a game, I typically use that time to step out of Nike’s finest mom gear and express myself in an entirely different way. If I take the kids to a game, rather than opt for a sitter, I usually choose sneakers or another type of comfortable shoe. When attending games without the kids, my theory is “The higher the heel, the better.” 

Then, there are other times I’m getting ready for games and I’m just not feeling “it,” but then I rally, get dressed, and feel happy I took the time to make myself feel good. 


If you have an event or place you regularly attend – church, work, sporting events, dinner dates – try something new. Wear that piece that’s been hanging in your closet forever. 


Saving it for a special occasion? 


That special occasion is life! 


Everyday is a special occasion. I know not everyone shares my fashion enthusiasm, and that’s perfectly okay, because my enthusiasm is exactly why I am able to elevate each client. 


If you have a special event to attend, or you just want a new look, allow me to simplify your life by introducing new pieces and looks into your closet. 


Check out some pictures of my favorite game looks from last year and this season.





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