April 10, 2018

In the middle of deciding whether or not to take the plunge into launching Kiarra Logan Looks, I happily realized I was able to build an entire site myself! However, I knew I needed someone to edit and develop my website content. 


Let me be honest – in the texting and LOL generation, the grammar I once used in college has been replaced by shorthand and acronyms. Thankfully, I knew I was able to contact Laci of Sharp Editorial. Not only is she a writer and editor, but she is a mom, too, who also took a big, professional plunge and has become very successful. Once we started working together, and I told her more about how I wanted to help people, she caught me off guard by saying, “Well, you’ve got your first client.” 


She began to tell me a story I knew all to well: the post-baby weight struggle. She explained how she used to be in to fashion, but lost her way due to lack of confidence, and her love of taking photos with her cutie, Sloan, had fell to the side because she didn’t like seeing herself in pictures. I knew I could turn her confidence right around, so I said, “Let’s do it!” and that was the beginning of our partnership! 


Laci told me all about her planned trip to Tuscany and how she wanted some cute photos to frame, of her and the kids, in front of some of the world’s most memorable sites. I curated four looks for her and three for each kid. Based off of what we discussed, plus remembering her “fashion funk”, I knew I had to make sure she was comfortable in whatever she wore. For one of the looks, I decided she should do a loose button-up with a pop of color paired with a fitted bottom. This hid her areas of concern, still allowing Laci to feel edgy in skinny jeans again. I also made sure she had a cool moto jacket because a great leather jacket can easily elevate a simple look. When she was shopping, I told her to show me what earrings she found in Zara, and I knew right away she had to have that pair. First off, they were perfect with the outfit, but these earrings were fun and colorful, bringing back the style she was missing. This single accessory was a great distraction on my part because while she was still unsure of this outfit, she did love the earrings. In fact, I think these earrings were the perfect piece to ease her back into her old, yet now, KLL elevated mom style. And, of course, Sloan looked adorable, too! 

This styling experience was special for many reasons. 


1. Emphasis on individuality – I know my clients and onlookers see how I dress and the pictures I choose to share, but that is my personal style. And the truth is, you do not need to be in designer labels, bright colors, or whatever else I particularly love in order to be stylish. I launched Kiarra Logan Looks to make people feel great about themselves, to tailor looks for each client’s personality. When searching for looks, of course I see things I like, but these moments are not about me; the experience is all about my client – What will help them look and feel their best. That is what I want, and that is what I deliver. 


2. I can style clients based on every budget – Whether your budget is big or small, if your taste is over the top or simple, or if you have no direction at all, let KLL elevate your wardrobe. Laci did not want to spend money on clothes, as she is still trying to lose weight, so I happily worked with her intended budget, successfully creating several different looks for her trip!


3. Confidence matters – If you look good, you feel good, and although Laci wanted to capture some frame-worthy photos, I also wanted to elevate her confidence because she deserved to look and feel her best during this once-in-a-lifetime trip! 


Each client has a different story, a different reason for seeking personal styling assistance, and I’m looking forward to elevating my next client, too! Thanks, Laci, for trusting my vision!  





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